RCMEB-Cosmo’s Theory Lab : My First BlogSite

“Life is not just about living with flow, its about jerk it more and more & With every jerk you have something new ,you are one levelled up As even in ECG straight line declares no life” -Cosmo Avijeet

RCMEB-CTL's  logo
Logo Design- Photo colour Graphic , Basic Design – Sign of Illuminate’s logo &sign of Anonymous Hacking group Other Designs – symbol indicating Supreme energy, Observable Universe , A segment of DNA, Modern technology , Candle of knowledge ,etc . Circle at the centre showing Interconnectivity and Interdependency of everything , Triangle shows things still remains to discover and outside of tringle, what we can observing and know till now.

Logo Designer-Cosmo Avijeet

Here’s my 1st blogging site @RCMEB-CTL and 1st Blog dedicated to it . I surely update it time to time with my Idea’s, Debates, Clearification of Theories with very efficient examples, My own theories with proof, Give Explaination and Definition to every word/Term with reference to Science, Own Written Quotations, Self Design Graphics & finally my personal experience with society, Cosmos, Nature & myself and there is much many things & Many more#@!#(Error,out of imagination ), Actually Everything ; Everything in the sence As all are part of nature means science; Science have 3 part Physics, Chemistry, Biology : Biology is just complex chemistry & Chemistry is just complex Physics so pure science is just physics And mathematics is the girlfriend of physics so physics cann’t leave her and this is world of physics.. So everything comes under it ,Did everyone get that?

Any one who have their intimate interests in cosmology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrochem, Astrobiology ,Aerodynamics , rocket science ,Theoretical mathematics, Quantum Physics , Quantum Theories, Genetics, spirit science, Biocenterism, Life ,Modern Physcis , Modern technology, Modern gadgets/Devices and so on You all are heartly Welcome Here. You can visit here to improve & enhance your knowledge , To Debate/Crossed Questions over my writings in comment box ,To clearify your views, Ask me to write on some topics, To learn, To Redesign, To Discover, To innovate & To Explore with me. Let’s Join together to see this Cosmos with entirely different view…
THIS IS Cosmo Avijeet Palit

Chief Executive Officer RCMEBCosmo‘s Theory Lab Revealing Ultimate Mysteries”

@November 22nd, 2017 ; 03:33 @India,Earth

@8789747995, 7739196541


13 thoughts on “RCMEB-Cosmo’s Theory Lab : My First BlogSite

  1. Well done dear, keep it up and find out the real cosmos the cause of all causes till out of your triangle or energy. Wish you best of luck.


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